Hundreds of drivers ticketed under new "Slow Poke Law"

ATLANTA — We've all been there -- stuck behind a slow driver in the passing lane. But Channel 2 Action News has learned drivers are getting tickets for not moving over.
The update to the law on impeding traffic went into effect in July, 2014. It says anyone can get a ticket for driving in the fast lane, even if you thought you were obeying the law and driving the speed limit. It also makes you get out of the way of the law-breakers.
In just over nine months, the Georgia State Patrol has written 269 "Slow Poke Law" violations, mostly in the metro area.
It is designed to cut down on dangerous, aggressive driving and road rage incidents. The change to the law says a driver has to move out of the far left lane if approached from behind by a vehicle going faster than you. You should move to the right and allow them to pass, even if that driver is speeding.
"Typically where you'll see it is your two-lane interstates or three-lane just outside of metro area, or 285," said GSP Capt. Mark Perry.
Channel 2's Steve Gehlbach checked with Gwinnett County and found they've written over 100 "Slow Poke" tickets and Cobb County has written 200 since the change to the law.
One driver says he sees drivers getting frustrated and flashing their headlights.
"They would take the position of being the police and say, 'get over, move, move, move,'" the driver said.
Troopers say they started with just education, not enforcement, issuing mostly warnings at first.
Even months after the "Slow Poke Law" changed, they do have to explain to most drivers it even exists and why they're getting a ticket.
"Most of the people I've dealt with, for them it was a completely educational experience. They had no idea," Perry said.