Hibachi restaurant fails health inspection after cockroach found in ice machine

A dead cockroach in the ice machine is one of the violations that led to a Gwinnett County restaurant failing an inspection.

It is Chin Chin Hibachi Express on Centerville Highway. On Dec. 11, it failed a health inspection with a score of 62.

The Health Department also briefly suspended the restaurant’s permit for repeating a violation three times in a row.

Chin Chin Hibachi Express in Snellville serves up a variety of Asian food, from egg rolls to hibachi dishes.

The health inspector suspended the restaurant’s permit because it had three consecutive violations of food contact surfaces that were not clean. After employees got on-site training the permit was reinstated.

Other violations included the dead roach in the ice machine, a mold-like substance in the ice machine and rice in the rice cooker not holding hot enough.

The restaurant manager didn’t want to talk on camera but told Channel 2 Action News all the violations have now been corrected.

A potential customer told Channel 2 the restaurant still has a chance to get their score back up to where it was, so he’ll wait and see how they do on the re-inspection.

On its previous inspection in June, the restaurant got a score of 87.

We’ll let you know how they do on the reinspection which will be done this month.