Henry County

Video shows thief break into truck while lookouts stand by with guns

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — Police say a group of thieves in Henry County took car break-ins to a dangerous new level.

Surveillance video shows a thief breaking into a truck while another thief stood by with a gun in his hand, ready to shoot.

"It's just like nobody wants a job. They just want to steal. I mean, you can't leave anything out anywhere. You can't trust anybody," resident Charlotte Humphries said.

Police said the group of thieves targeted a pickup truck in the Microtel parking lot on Country Club Drive.

Police said one thief got into the truck through the sliding glass window in the back, while another walked around the truck with a gun.


The thieves hit the hotel parking lot twice and also targeted Piedmont Henry Hospital, police said.

"I don't understand how people can live with themselves, you know," a neighbor said.

Police said do not approach anyone who you may see breaking into a car.

"If you do encounter these guys, do not engage them due to the fact that they're carrying weapons," Henry County police Maj. Mike Ireland said.

Police want to remind people not to leave valuable items in their vehicles.

Officers believe the thieves are still moving around Henry County and may be in other counties.