Henry County

‘Disgusting’: Parents concerned for students after mice spotted at Henry County middle school

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — Middle school students say mice are running around their classrooms, hallways and gym.

The Henry County School District admits there’s an issue and told Channel 2′s Tyisha Fernandes it has a plan to get rid of them.

The principal of Luella Middle School sent a letter to parents on Monday about the issues, but other parents told Fernandes that they have known about the mice for months because their kids came home and told them.

“My son - he’s a sixth grader here - he told me that he saw a mouse three times on three different occasions,” parent Tchiana Staples said.

Now, Staples says her son is uncomfortable while he’s supposed to be getting an education.

“I don’t want him to have absences just because there are mice, but it is disgusting,” Staples said.

After learning about the mice, Fernandes contacted the Henry County School District. A spokesperson admitted that there have been several sightings of mice inside the school.

“District staff have performed regular site visits, deployed traps in identified areas, repaired/replaced door sweeps, and worked with school staff to put an action plan in place,” the district said.


Part of the plan is having more mouse traps around the school.

Fernandes spoke to another parent who asked not to be identified that the school sent a letter to parents Monday informing them about the problem, but her child has been telling her about the rodents for months.

“How long you think it’s been going on?” Tyisha asked the parent.

“Oh, wow, for over about six months,” the parent said. “The school needs to be at least closed down for two or three days. I mean it needs to be cleared out.”

“Let me say this, I do still love the school. I do. But it’s very unfortunate that it’s something they have to deal with, putting their feet up or jumping back and not wanting to get comfortable in the classroom,” Staples said.

There is a Valentine’s Day dance coming up at Luella Middle School and many parents are now concerned about sending their children.