Henry County

City official accused of demanding free food

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — An ethics investigation has been launched after a city councilman was accused of demanding free food from a restaurant owner.

Stockbridge City Council member Elton Alexander is accused of trying to get free barbecue from a restaurant owner in exchange for city catering jobs.

Arick Whitson owns BBQ Masters and said he didn't hand over the food and now he's getting hit with code violations.

"I call it a mob job. "If you don't play the way I say play, then you can't play at all,'" he said.

A meeting on Wednesday about his actions was over in just minutes after the ethics committee announced that it would hire an independent investigator.

"I'm extremely overjoyed. It means someone will take the time to look into my complaint that this is a coordinated attack," Alexander said.

Alexander claims there is an effort to assassinate his character.

"We need an independent investigation. Mr. Alexander has gotten numerous warnings," City Council member John Blount said.

"I have 100 percent certainty that I am 100 percent innocent," Alexander said.

Both sides said they hope the upcoming investigation will bring out the truth.

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