Gwinnett County

Victim speaks following violent home invasion

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — One of the victims in a violent home invasion earlier this month is speaking out about his ordeal and his boss' actions that killed one of the intruders.

Ruben Mejia told Channel 2 Action News Gwinnett Bureau Chief Tony Thomas that he was asleep Feb. 16 when three men kicked the front door to his house on Spring Drive.

"They come inside my house, they break the door" said Ruben Mejia." They asked me about money, I say I don't have any money."

Mejia said one of the men put a gun to his head and all he could think about was making enough noise so that his boss, the owner of the house would hear him. She was asleep in another room. Mejia said he hoped she would realize what was happening and call 911.


She tried calling for help but didn't think operators answered so she grabbed her gun and took action into her own hands.

"I was in my room and she just started firing!" Mejia said.

Surveillance video's from inside the home recorded the shooting and the suspects ducking and running for cover. Gwinnett County Police say the homeowner hit one of the suspects Antonio Leaks, 28, died in the driveway. The other two men got away.

Mejia said the video doesn't show how scared both of them were.

"I looked at my boss feeling scared, and I was feeling scared too." He said.

Mejia said after the men escaped he wanted to take out after them but didn't know where they went. After he realized there weren't any bullets left in the gun, he decided to stay put.

Gwinnett County police say the video is receiving international attention but so far they've yet to receive enough solid information to file charges against any possible suspects.

"I'm feeling OK now." Mejia said. "I want the police to arrest these bad people.

Gwinnett County police and Crimestoppers Atlanta are offering a $2,000 reward in the case.