Gwinnett County

Non-profit struggling to provide enough free diapers hopes Georgia lawmakers will help

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — When Jamie Lackey checks the inventory in her Gwinnett County warehouse, she doesn’t like what she doesn’t see.

“It gets tough when we see things that are empty. It’s depressing for what it means to our families,” Lackey said.

Families that need diapers.

Her non-profit, Helping Mamas, give them to parents all over metro Atlanta.

Nichole Brown has been there.

“When you’re trying to budget, your daycare costs are going up, and food costs are going up,” Brown said.


And diapers—which have always been expensive—are also going up.

That’s why the non-profit hopes the Georgia Legislature will lend a hand with a proposal that would eliminate the 4% state sales tax on diapers. So far, 16 states have already done it.

Jamie says a baby requires 200 diaper changes every month. One in three Georgia families with young children struggles to afford it.

“When we have so much inflation, a 20% increase in the cost of diapers over the last couple of years, every little bit does make a difference. It’s not just about our low-income families. It’s all families. It’s all of Georgia’s children who will benefit from this,” Lackey said.

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