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Metro city to start fining people for false alarms

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — Starting June 1, the city of Lawrenceville will start fining people who live there a fine for excessive false alarms.

“The purpose of the False Alarm Ordinance is to encourage alarm owners and alarm companies to properly use and maintain operational effectiveness of monitored alarm systems in order to improve the reliability of alarm systems and reduce or eliminate false alarms,” the city said in a news release Wednesday.

The new ordinance requires people who live in Lawrenceville to fill out an alarm permit.

You must obtain a permit application within five days of installing your alarm or transferring your alarm.

You then have 10 days to fill out the application and return it to the city.

“Alarm permit information is kept confidential in the interest of public safety,” the city said.


There is no charge for the permit, but a late fee will be charged to you if you do not submit a form within 30 days of installing your alarm system.

False alarm fines are divided into two categories: residential and non-residential.

The fines for residential false alarms are:

  • First and second false alarm: $0
  • Third false alarm: $25
  • Fourth false alarm and beyond: $100

The fines for non-residential false alarms are:

  • First false alarm: $0
  • Second false alarm: $50
  • Third false alarm: $200
  • Fourth false alarm and beyond: $400

A copy of the ordinance can be found here.

Residents should register their alarms at