Gwinnett County

Man killed after construction accident in Gwinnett County

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — The survivor of a deadly Gwinnett County construction accident spoke to Channel 2 Action News Thursday, talking about the actions he took to save his fellow co-workers.

The men were working in a manhole when a gas leak quickly overcame the three workers.

Jerry Davis, 29, died from his injuries sustained in the incident.

"We heard a guy hollerin' for help,” a co-worker who survived the accident said, asking not to be identified.

Not only did the incident kill a fellow construction worker, the incident also seriously injured another.

“We ran down there, not knowing there was gas leak,” the co-worker told Channel 2’s Nicole Carr.

The man was on one of two construction teams prepping a football field at Gwinnett County’s E.E. Robinson Park.


On Tuesday afternoon, he said he and his friend heard Davis' screams and didn't hesitate to go in after him.

“I mean, human nature going to make you go in the hole. I mean I didn't know him from a can of paint,” the co-worker said.

It's unclear how Davis got into the hole, or what the heavy machine operator was doing there, but the survivor said David, who was with another company, wasn't harnessed. The man's friend climbed in first and told him to get a rope to pull Davis out.

“I had just enough strength to get myself out the hole,” the survivor said.

By the time he returned he said the men were overcome by gas.

“It was spur of the moment and it was shocking. It's devastating,” said brother Lee Davis.

Before Carr met the survivor Thursday, she met Davis' family in Gainesville.

They say their brother, who will be buried on Friday, had followed in family members' footsteps, working for Simpson Trucking and Grading for the past 18 months

“And he loved his job,” Lee Davis told Carr.

The family told Carr that the support has been overwhelming, but they just wish there was one more moment to send one more message.

“That I loved him and I'd like to hold his neck one more time,” Lee Davis said.

Authorities never identified the victims in this case, but the survivor told Carr that his friend isn't doing well. He said the other victim is in the hospital and that he can't speak or see.

OSHA confirms they're investigating the case. We've learned they'll be back on site Friday.