Gwinnett County

Clients worry their money with well-known financial advisor may have disappeared

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — As police try to find a metro financial advisor missing for nearly three weeks, his clients are trying to find their money.

Channel 2′s Tony Thomas has learned that Chris Burns has been actively involved in a local church and the community. That’s why many clients that Thomas has spoken with say they trusted him.

Burns is now missing and some of his clients suspect so are their investments.

Angie O’Connor is an investor in Burns' company Dynamic Money. She said she’s in shock and fears her money is gone.

“I am so thorough. I can’t believe this happened to me,” O’Connor said.

She told Thomas that she first learned her financial advisor – Burns — was missing when she saw the report on Channel 2 Action News on Monday. She sprang into action, filing police reports, calling the Securities and Exchange Commission and juggling emotions.

“It hurts a whole bunch because that money was earned with time away from home, time away from my children,” O’Connor said.


And she isn’t alone. Thomas has spoken with several of Burns' clients who all invested $300,000 to $500,000 in peer-to-peer loans.

Burns hosted a weekly radio show on WSB Radio. He rented the time and wasn’t an actual employee.

He was also a frequent cable news guest.

Burns vanished Sept. 25. His wife told police that was the same day he faced a deadline to turn over documents in an SEC investigation into his businesses.

“The police believe Mr. Burns did leave with some money,” said Cpl. Collin Flynn with the Gwinnett County Police Department.

But his whereabouts or the status of the federal investigation are still unknown. The feds won’t talk, even to O’Conner so far.

“What advice do you have for others?” Thomas asked O’Connor.

“Mitigate your own risks and just stay with the institutions,” O’Connor said. “My hope is positive, but reality is probably not.”

Burns' wife has hired her own attorney. In a statement, they say they still have many questions. Mrs. Burns said her priority right now is taking care of their young children.

Burns does not face any criminal charges at this point. Police say they simply want to know if he’s OK.