Good Samaritan pulls man from burning car moments before it explodes

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A man is being considered a hero after coming to the rescue at a horrific crash scene.

Tyerell Brady was trapped in his burning car while unconscious after being struck by a suspected drunken driver.

The crash happened the night after Thanksgiving on Turner Hill Road at Interstate 20 near Stonecrest Mall.

Police say a truck ran a red light and hit Brady’s car, causing it to go down an embankment while the truck crashed into a guardrail.

A witness to the crash, Red Tate, jumped into action, saving Brady’s life while also detaining the suspected DUI driver.

“I’m not here to be a hero,” Red Tate said, even though that is exactly what police are calling him after he rescued 21-year-old Brady.

Tate saw the crash and knew he had to make a quick decision.

“By the time we got him out the car exploded,” Tate said. “I had a quick decision to make. Either help the dude in his truck or help somebody entrapped in a car.”

Tate says the driver of the truck, identified as 26-year-old Reginald Wright, started to leave the scene.

Tate says he detained Wright and took his gun away. Then Wright asked Tate to call his father.

“I said, ‘Man I ain’t got time to call your dad.’ I said, ‘We got to get somebody from trapped in the car,’” Tate said.

Tate pulled Brady from his burning car. Brady survived and is intensive care.

“When I heard him gasp for air, I said he’s alive and I’m fixing to pull him out,” Tate said. “So, I went on and pulled him out.”

Police arrested Wright on DUI and other charges.

Brady’s parents say they are thankful that Tate was there to rescue their son. They didn’t want to speak publicly while they focus on their son’s recovery.

Police say Wright was so intoxicated their patrol car reeked of alcohol after they placed him inside.

Wright was also injured.

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