Georgia mother sues owners of dogs who attacked son, 11, that ripped off ear, part of scalp

ATLANTA — A Georgia mother is suing her neighbors after her 11-year-old son was mauled by their dogs, the Macon Telegraph reports.

Justin Gilstrap, from Columbia County, was riding his bike in his neighborhood on Jan. 6, when he was attacked by three dogs.

The newspaper said the dogs pulled him off his bike and dragged the boy into a ditch.

According to Facebook posts from the boy’s mother, Ericka Gilstrap said Justin lost his right ear, and part of his scalp and has deep wounds to his legs.

Since the incident, Justin has had to undergo several surgeries.


The Telegraph said according to the lawsuit filed on Jan. 30, Ericka Gilstrap is suing the dogs’ owners for punitive damages and called the dogs “vicious and dangerous.”

The suit claims the dogs’ owners were negligent.

Columbia County officials said the dogs’ owner had received previous warnings about letting the dogs run free, but the county did not have any records of the dogs being aggressive toward people before Justin Gilstrap’s attack, the Telegraph reports.

Justin Gilstrap is currently recovering at Children’s Hospital of Georgia in Augusta.

You can follow his recovery journey here.