Georgia appeals court to look at ruling that allowed DA Fani Willis to stay on election case

ATLANTA — A Georgia appeals court agreed on Wednesday to take a look at the ruling that allowed Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to stay on the election interference case.

Former President Donald Trump and other co-defendants filed a motion to remove Willis from the case over her relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade.

Willis and Wade acknowledged the relationship, which they said ended last summer, but they have argued it does not create any sort of conflict and has no bearing on the case.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee ruled that Willis would be allowed to stay on the case if Wade stepped aside. Wade resigned the same day as the ruling.

Trump and his attorneys later submitted an appeal arguing the indictment should have been dismissed, and that Willis and her team should have been disqualified from the case. The appeals court will now hear the case.

Attorney Steve Sadow, who represents Trump in his Fulton County case, released the following statement to Channel 2 Action News.

“President Trump looks forward to presenting interlocutory arguments to the Georgia Court of Appeals as to why the case should be dismissed and Fulton County DA Willis should be disqualified for her misconduct in this unjustified, unwarranted political persecution.”


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