• Gas pump inspectors keep eye on thousands of broken pumps

    By: Dave Huddleston


    ATLANTA - State gas pump inspectors are traveling across the state to make sure pumps are working properly. 

    Last week Channel 2 Action News ran across a broken pump at a convenient store in northeast Atlanta that spilled fuel all over the ground and another pump would charge you before actually giving you gas. 

    Channel 2’s Dave Huddleston called the Agriculture Department's Fuel and Measures director, Richard Lewis, and they came and shut the pump down until it's fixed. 

    “We are trying to make sure the consumers of Georgia are getting what they paid for, making sure they're protected at the pump,” Lewis said.

    Lewis said he has 20 inspectors that make sure the 77,000 gas pumps in the state work properly and are calibrated correctly, meaning you get the correct amount of gas you paid for.

    "Last year we issued almost 1,600 violations out of  77,249 pumps," Lewis said.

    Lewis said if you see a problem with a gas pump, call 800-282-5852. That number should also be on every gas pump in the state.

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