Gas prices starting to tick back up as more drivers return to roads

Channel 2's Lori Wilson reports on what Georgia drivers are seeing at the pumps.

ATLANTA — Georgia drivers at the pump are noticing the price of gas starting to go back up.

According to AAA’s website, the average price of regular gas per gallon is $1.65 in Georgia. That is up three cents from this time last week. Meanwhile, the nation average is $1.84.

It’s the start of a cost correction that experts expected.

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“Now that that order has been lifted, there’s greater demand and guess what: gas prices are going to go up,” said Garrett Townsend, a spokesperson with AAA spokesperson.

At a gas station in Gwinnett County, Valentine Whittaker says he’s noticed the changes.

“A couple weeks ago it was a $1.15, $1.20. Now it’s a $1.37 or something like that. It went up,” Whittaker said.

Just how high the prices will go and when they’ll peak has yet to be seen. Experts say we won’t see real traffic again until schools are back in session.

“It’s going to be a while before we start getting back to what’s normal. We’ve got some time to go," Townsend said. “So gas prices should be at least pretty durable for the near future.”

AAA’s website lists Georgia’s average gas prices county-by-county here. Here is look at how Atlanta gas prices this week compare to last week, last month and last year.

  Reg. Mid. Prem. Diesel
Current Avg. $1.651 $1.988 $2.296 $2.487
Yesterday Avg. $1.642 $1.984 $2.288 $2.488
Week Ago Avg. $1.617 $1.972 $2.281 $2.503
Month Ago Avg. $1.710 $2.078 $2.375 $2.578
Year Ago Avg. $2.681 $2.994 $3.289 $3.024
Superintendent Mike Looney says the district is exploring three options for August.