Animal control captures fox that attacked several customers at busy shopping center

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Workers and shoppers are relieved after an aggressive fox that bit a man has finally been captured.

The threatening animal had visitors to the shopping plaza near Stonecrest Mall on constant alert.

Channel 2′s Tom Jones was told by people who visited the shopping area that many had to wait inside of businesses and make sure the fox was out of sight before leaving.

Unfortunately, one shopper, who thought the coast was clear, had his shoe bitten when the fox managed to catch him.

The fox bit another man in a separate attack.

Animal control was called to try to capture the fox.

Workers watched in fear as the officers tried to outmaneuver the shifty animal.

“It’s coming to her. It’s charging her. Oh my God,” yelled a worker watching the capture on Saturday.

Channel 2 first learned about the fox when it was aggressively charging delivery drivers at a nearby Walmart.

Tia Babb witnessed one of the attacks that injured a shopper.

“The fox bit his leg. It had teeth in his leg,” said Babb.

Babb also managed to snap a picture of the fox when she saw it outside the American Deli on Friday.

She says a customer came out of the restaurant and the fox went berserk.

“The fox just jumped on him. Out of nowhere. He just jumped on the man. The man was screaming, kicking off his shoes and trying to fight the fox off,” said Babb.


Restaurant workers had to help fight the wild animal to get it away from the man.

Barber Trent Horn says the fox later charged one of his customers and bit his shoe.

“He had to jump on top of his truck,” Horn said.

Animal control officers arrived Saturday and found the animal eating trash. An officer was able to lasso the fox but it didn’t go down without a fight.

“I told you, that thing is not scared,” yelled a worker.

There is no word yet if the fox was rabid.

People that work and shop in the plaza have made complaints about the amount of overflowing garbage. Many believe the garbage is possibly what attracted the fox to the area.