Sheriff: Armed robber, others accused in murder for hire plot to keep victim from testifying

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office says the victim of an armed robbery was just “hours, if not days away” from being killed in a murder for hire plot at the hands of the man who robbed him to begin with.

Kwame Abayomi, 31, has been in the Forsyth County Jail since 2018 after investigators tied him to an armed robbery in Douglasville.

Forsyth County Sheriff Ron Freeman said Abayomi worked with a cellmate inside the jail and others on the outside to coordinate a hit on the armed robbery victim to keep him from testifying against him in court for a price of $6,000.

“It’s a story of criminality and it’s a story of the perversion of our criminal justice system,” Freeman said.

Freeman said Abayomi coordinated with Shelby Fairley, 19, who was in the same cell block as Abayomi, to coordinate plans through coded messages with people outside the jail to hire a hitman and kill the victim in this case.

One of those people was Claritza Castillo Gomez, the sheriff said, who is also the mother of Abayomi’s children. Freeman said Gomez handled Abayomi’s business while he was in jail and received a note smuggled out of the jail.


Freeman said Gomez handled the money to hire a first hitman to kill the victim in this case, but that hitman fled with the money and never committed the murder.

That led them to Maliyah Franklin, 19, Abayomi’s current girlfriend. The sheriff said Franklin also facilitated messages, handled money and helped arrange meetings with the alleged hitman.

Eventually, investigators were able to track down the alleged hitman in this case, Quinton Ingram, who is also Shelby Fairley’s brother. Freeman said Ingram agreed to murder the victim and coordinated with Gomez and Franklin to carry out the hit.

“They were going to take the life of a man, who was already a victim in and armed robbery case, for $6,000 to keep him from testifying,” Freeman said.

Freeman said the department was tipped off about the plot through an anonymous source. Everyone involved in the plot has been arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit a felony.

Abayomi and Fairley were already in jail.

The sheriff’s office released a statement from the victim in this case, saying:

“When I was made aware the suspect in my robbery case wanted to have me murdered, obviously I was concerned and scared. This all seemed surreal and something you would see in the movies. To receive the news all the people involved have been arrested is a sigh of relief.

“The detectives have kept me up to date and made sure I was aware of what was going on. I can’t believe how determined and caring these deputies were in making sure I was safe, and these individuals were arrested.”