Former Trump aide who testified to Jan. 6 Committee says Marjorie Taylor Greene asked for pardon

ATLANTA — A former assistant to former President Donald Trump gave blockbuster testimony in a surprise hearing held by the January 6th Committee on Tuesday.

Cassidy Hutchinson is the same aid who last week said she believed Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene asked the White House for a presidential pardon.

Greene denied that she asked for a pardon shortly after Hutchison made the statement last week.

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Hutchison testified to members of the January 6th Committee that she was disgusted as she watched the events of that day unfold from behind the scenes.

“It was unpatriotic,” Hutchinson said. “It was un-American. We are watching the Capitol building get defaced over a lie.”

Hutchinson said that after Trump posted a tweet criticizing former Vice President Mike Pence -- even as protesters were storming the Capitol and chanting, ‘Hang him!’ -- she felt overwhelmed.


Last week, Hutchinson, who was also a former aide of Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows, appeared in video depositions. She claimed a number of members of Congress called for presidential pardons and claimed that Greene was one of them.

“She didn’t contact me about it, but I heard that she had asked the White House counsel’s office for a pardon,” Hutchinson said.

Greene fired off a number of tweets during Tuesday’s testimony, finally stating,

“Cassidy Hutchinson lied and the January 6th Committee held a special hearing today to broadcast her lies.”

Greene has also denied asking for a pardon.

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Hutchinson said watching the riots unfold affected her personally.

“I remember feeling frustrated, disappointed, and really, it felt personal,” Hutchinson said. “It was really sad.”

The Committee said Trump’s attorney Rudy Guiliani also asked about a pardon.

He testified at Georgia’s State Capitol, claiming massive voter fraud that later investigations proved didn’t happen.

The pardon power is one of the most sweeping powers the president has under the Constitution.

Neither Greene or Guiliani were on the president’s list of 143 pardons.