Falcons debut new uniforms for “Rise up and Vote” home game and campaign

ATLANTA — New uniforms are always something that NFL teams use to help keep fans involved with what’s going on with their favorite teams.

That’s a big reason why the Atlanta Falcons will debut their “Rise Up” alternate gradient uniforms Sunday afternoon when they kick off their home game vs. the Detroit Lions.

The uniforms were part of the team’s new uniform re-designs announced back in April. The team describes the “gradient” look as a visual representation of their long standing “Rise Up” slogan.

The team announced the “Rise up and Vote” game and slogan earlier in the week to shine a light on the importance of being heard and the right to vote. They describe the gradient, which goes from black to red, as a reflection of Atlanta’s progression. And Falcons players wanted to emphasize the symbolism in getting people out to vote.

“Taking this moment and making it a movement, not just as a race, a community or a team, but as a nation… it’s time to rise up and vote," said defensive end Steven Means.


The Falcons say they’ve held voting as a priority for all the players who sign with the team. The team says they’ve used voter registration as part of their player onboarding and their rookie program for the past 15-years.

The team and the player committee says they’ve made a concerted effort in 2020 to provide information on the process including awareness, education and encouraging participation on local, state and national levels.

“This isn’t the time to sit on the sidelines, you must use your voice and vote,” quarterback Matt Ryan said.

“Atlanta is a special place, where similarities as well as differences ultimately create a common bond among its citizens,” Falcons President and CEO Rich McKay said in a statement. “In the spirit of one of our core values, Lead by Example, we are proud that our players are so passionate about voting and bringing awareness and encouragement to our communities throughout the state of Georgia to actively participate in our democracy."

Sunday’s game will feature on-field and in-game experiences to promote democracy and voting. The Falcons and Lions got together and named legendary Atlanta civil rights leader Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. an honorary captain for the game and his daughter Rev. Bernice King will pull the train horn prior to kickoff.

The game will also feature “Rise Up and Vote” logos on the 25-yard lines and gradient patterns matching the Falcons uniforms in each end zone.

“Sport is a powerful way to inspire and encourage fans and I’m proud of the way our players, our entire organization and these two teams have come together around voting,” said Falcons Chief Marketing Officer Morgan Shaw Parker.

“The Rise Up gradient uniform design was always bigger than just an alternate look. It embodies the essence of our city and signifies our strength as a community. Atlanta has risen and triumphed through adversity and as our honorary leaders from Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. to John Lewis and many others we honor every day have shown us, we will never stop using our voice and our collective platforms for good," Shaw Parker added.