Falcons, Braves legend Deion Sanders to have blood clot surgery, clarifies foot amputation reports

BOULDER, Colo. — University of Colorado head coach Deion Sanders confirmed that he will have blood clot surgery, but he will not need to have his foot amputated.

Sanders posted a video on his Instagram page on Thursday after word spread of his surgery on “The Pat McAfee Show” earlier in the day.

“It’s time for the horse to talk. You heard from everybody else, but you hadn’t heard it from me,” Sanders said.

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In 2021, Sanders had two toes on his left foot removed after complications during a surgery when he was still at Jackson State.

On Thursday, the Falcons and Braves legend said his doctors want to straighten out the other toes on his foot, but he isn’t receiving enough blood flow for the surgery.

A video posted to social media last week showed discussions between Sanders and his medical team where his doctor mentioned amputation. But Sanders said that’s just a worst-case scenario.

“There is no talk of amputation. There’s no talk of any of that whatsoever. The doctor was just telling me if worst comes to worst, this was going to happen. But I believe in staying right, so we never have to take that left.”


Sanders said Friday’s surgery would repair a blood clot in his right leg and another in his left thigh. He added that he appreciates everyone’s prayers and messages and promised to be on the sidelines this fall.

“You got to understand: I ain’t going nowhere… I’m just trying to get all this straight. So when I walk that sideline, and I walk my walk, because I’m gonna talk my talk, that I’m going to walk my walk.”

Sanders will coach his first game for Colorado on Sept. 2 against TCU.

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