Drunk driver facing charges after slamming into cop on Ga. 400, police say

NORTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — An officer is recovering after police say a woman driving drunk slammed into his car.

The crash happened along Georgia 400 early Thursday morning.

Veteran officer Jomo Bent was patrolling a construction zone on the interstate at Mansell Road when Ceijai Broughton slammed into the back of his SUV.

“It's always depressing to see any officer to get injured for something that could be so prevented,” said police spokesperson Jason Muenzer.

But that’s exactly what happened.

“He was working a special detail in a construction zone,” Muenzer said.


Bent was injured in the crash.

"As soon as the accident occurred, the first instinct for our officer was to get out of his car and try to attend to driver number one,” Muenzer said. “However when he exited the vehicle he had a hard time walking himself."

Muenzer said both Bent and Broughton went to the hospital.

The officer was released about an hour later.

"He's doing well and we expect him to be back to work here soon,” Muenzer said.

Police said Broughton was very drunk at the scene and before impact, they said a witness tried to get her attention.

Ceijai Broughton

"This witness stated the individual was swerving in and out of lanes several times,” Muenzer said. “He had honked the horn at the individual several times."

The Buckhead bartender is now facing charges for DUI, following too closely and for violating the Georgia Move Over law.

"Just don't drink and drive. It's simple as that,” Muenzer said.

Police said Broughton has been released from hospital and has bonded out of jail.