Driver rescued from crash before truck burst into flames

ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. — A dump truck driver involved in a crash was pulled from his vehicle just minutes before it burst into flames.

The driver was hauling a load of asphalt in Conyers on Sigman Road at Renaissance Drive Wednesday afternoon when he was involved in a chain reaction crash and ended up in a ditch.

Police say the dump truck collided with an SUV, but neither driver is to blame.

Police are looking for the driver who caused the crash.




The dump truck driver was trapped inside his vehicle.

Landscaper Raul Moreno was working nearby and heard the driver yelling for help.

He ran over, used his pruners to break the window and pulled the driver from the car.

“I broke the window. I said, ‘Careful with your face.’ I broke the window,” Moreno said.

Police say Moreno’s quick action should be commended.

“Any accident scene is chaotic, even for first responders. It can be intimidating. He jumped into action, and we’re thankful for a great outcome with that,” Conyers police Detective Buck Vaughn said.

Moreno’s boss says Moreno is a father of six who didn’t think twice before jumping in to help.

“He’s got so many people depending on him, and that never entered his mind,” T.J. McGiboney said. “His reaction was, ‘I’ve got to help this man. I’ve got to save this man.’”

Moreno said he is glad he was able to save the driver’s life.

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