• Driver police say nearly killed woman in hit-and-run: 'Why didn't I just stop?'


    Police say your tips helped them catch a hit-and-run driver who seriously hurt a pregnant woman.

    Investigators say Mennottis Camp surrendered Tuesday night and only Channel 2 was there when it happened.

    Police say when they recovered the suspect's car, the hood and windshield had already been replaced.

    Channel 2's Nefertiti Jaquez did some digging and learned the suspect is no stranger to the law.

    He has previous arrests for DUI and battery, and in July he was arrested after he hit a pole, tried to make a run for it, was caught and then tried to kick himself out of a police cruiser, police say.


    Police told Channel 2, Camp walked into the police station, just after 8 p.m. Tuesday after agreeing to surrender once he learned they were looking for him.

    Authorities say he then confessed.

    His latest arrest comes 6 days after detectives say Camp hit Angelica Green along Old National Highway as she crossed the street with her boyfriend and just kept going.

    Video we first showed you Monday night on the Channel 2 Action News Nightbeat shows the duo crossing the street right before the victim was run down by someone driving a Toyota Scion XB.

    Now investigators said they can confirm the person behind the wheel was Camp.

    They told us, they zeroed in on him after a viewer saw the story and called Crimestoppers.

    Sources close to this investigation told us the tipster knew it was camp because they overheard him allegedly saying he hit a person last week, before replacing the hood and windshield of his car.

    Exclusive photos of the suspect’s vehicle, which officers recovered, show the damage from the crash was indeed fixed.

    As for Green, doctors confirmed Tuesday morning that she’s about three weeks pregnant and will have to spend her entire pregnancy in a wheelchair because she suffered a fractured pelvic bone and two broken legs.

    Jaquez spoke to the victim and her mom. Both women said they're just happy the suspect turned himself in.

    Camp has been charged with hit-and-run, speeding and obstruction of evidence.

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