Douglas County

Metro school district is now putting dinner on the menu

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. — Serving breakfast and lunch is common in metro Atlanta schools but now a local district is also serving dinner.

Douglas County Schools just started the new program to help students and parents.

The district is one of the first school systems in metro Atlanta to offer the program. The meal will be free for the students thanks to funding from several national programs.

"It's a huge blessing just being fed before they come home. It's a huge help," one parent told Channel 2's Carol Sbarge.

Douglas County school officials say the program is a way to keep students energized as they do their homework or after school activities.


Before they were getting after school snacks. Now, they'll also get a meal.

“A meat, a vegetable, a fruit and a grain,” is what the meal will consist of said Danielle Freeman, Douglas County Schools executive director of school nutrition.

All 27 Douglas County schools started serving dinner last week.

That's a lot of parents who can now pick up their children after a long day -- who aren't hungry.

“Most days I get here 5:30, 5:45, just trying to beat the traffic,” mother Kesha Green said.

“A lot of parents work far away so by the time we're driving home, get our kids, have to cook dinner, they’re all hungry,” Freeman said.

On Mondays and Fridays, students also have the option of a grab-and-go meal.

The school system had to apply for the funding for the program which came from the Child and Adult Care food program and Bright from the Start.