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Woman says $9,000 missing after drive-thru deposit at DeKalb County bank

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A DeKalb County woman said her mega bank made a mega mistake and now nearly $9,000 of her money is missing.

Channel 2's Jim Strickland talked to Roslyn Baitney, who said her money went through the tube at Wells Fargo and then disappeared. She blames the bank for what happened next.

Baitney said 10 days ago she put $8,754 into the drive-thru tube to deposit with a teller at the bank on Flat Shoals Parkway.

Baitney said the teller told her that the deposit was too large and that she would need to go inside.

Baitney said the teller never told her that she was going to send the tube back.

Strickland got his hands on the incident report which said the teller alerted Baitney she was sending her money back through the tube. There was no money when she got inside.

“I tapped on the window and said, ‘Hey, where's my money?’” Baitney said.

A car had been in line behind her at the drive-thru.


“And then the teller said, ‘I wondered why the car behind you never did a transaction. They just pulled off.’ ‘Yeah, because you gave them my money,’” Baitney said.

The police report also indicates security video was recorded off site, the bank won't talk about the video.

The money is not the only worry for Baitney.

“But I'm an open book because my identity is out there. My drivers license, my bank card, my bank info.  It was all inside of that tube,” Baitney said.

Baitney fears a thief now knows where she lives. She's been staying with her fiancé.

“I don't like throwing people under the bus but there was a mistake made and the bank made the mistake,” Baitney said.

A Wells Fargo spokesman emailed: We are aware of the issue at the Chapel Square branch and are working to resolve it.”

The spokesman refused further comment due to an on-going criminal investigation

“That's my house note, my car note, my car insurance. What are you all going to do?” Baitney said.

After investigating, Strickland learned that a Wells Fargo official in Birmingham called Baitney to say she'd have her money in full by midday Tuesday.

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