DeKalb County

Teen fatally shot outside his DeKalb County home

DeKalb County police say a 17-year-old victim was shot in front of his house on Shore Drive on Wednesday night.
The victim was identified by family members as Rakwon Reid.
Family members were visibly upset after police told them what happened.
Channel 2 Action News saw detectives with flashlights searching for bullet holes at the house and checking the hedges for evidence.
Detectives say Reid, a Stephenson High School student, was standing outside his house when someone opened fire.
Police said they don't know if the killer was on foot or if it was a drive-by shooting.
Reid’s family say they though they heard him talking to someone outside before the shooting.
Reid’s grandmother described him as a good young man who looked out for his four sisters.
“He was a good kid, and he loved people,” Marilyn Hagler said. “He loved life. He just enjoyed music and having fun with his family.
Reid’s grandfather said he still can’t believe this happened.
“You read about it. You hear about it. But there’s nothing like going through it yourself,” Willie Hagler said.
The homicide unit is trying to figure out if and why the teen was a target