Woman fighting for her life after house shot up, police search for gunman

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A 40-year-old woman is fighting for her life after someone shot up her DeKalb County home.

A neighbor told Channel 2′s Justin Carter that kids started running and screaming for help right after the woman was shot inside her home.

Investigators believe the shots were coming from outside the home along Chupp Way Circle when the victim was shot.

Traye Scott said he jumped up, looked outside his window and saw children running across the street.

“I saw the kids. They were running out of the house. They were screaming that their mom had been shot,” Scott said.

It happened around 5:45 p.m. Monday. Dekalb County police believe at least nine people were inside the townhome when the shots started.


Investigators say at least one bullet pierced through the home, hitting a woman inside. She was rushed to the hospital.

“I know the mother. I think she does have a lot of children in the home, so it was about six or seven children inside the home when this occurred,” Scott said.

Neighbors say the woman’s children range in age from about 25 to as young as 2 years old.

They say she never bothered anyone, and the children were always outside playing.

Muriel Neal’s four grandchildren live nearby. She was dropping them home right after it all unfolded.

“You don’t feel safe anymore, not even senior citizens,” Neal said. “Nobody really feels comfortable.”

Police say they have no suspects and are working to locate the shooter involved.