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Man shot multiple times in Brookhaven road rage arrested moments after walking into police station

BROOKHAVEN, Ga. — A man who was shot in a road rage incident and survived was arrested days later when he went to the police station to pick up his car.

Brookhaven police said Duc Doung, 46, was shot multiple times on Mother’s Day by an angry driver in Brookhaven. The shooter, Joshua Holder, was arrested.

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Channel 2′s Michael Seiden obtained body camera footage of the day that Duong was sho, and footage from nine days later, when he was arrested. Separate videos show Holder’s arrest, first responders’ attempts to keep Duong alive and then his arrest after being released from the hospital.

The shooting unfolded on Dresden Drive near Peachtree Road in the middle of the day.

“The situation was road rage,” Duong told officers in one body camera video. “My stupidity was flipping them off and driving erratically. I did do that. I admit to all of that, but I never fired at him.”

The body camera footage paints a slightly different picture. In the dramatic footage of moments after the shooting, Holder claims that he shot Duong in self-defense.

Video shows officers swarm on Holder’s car and then handcuff him.

“Stop moving! Stop moving! Get on the ground! Put your hands behind your back!” police yell at him.

In the footage, Holder tells police that he was driving back from the gym when he encountered two angry drivers near North Druid Hills and Peachtree Roads. He said one of the drivers stopped, got out and threatened him.

“He came at me,” Holder yells in the footage. “I pointed at him! ‘Dude, go away! I saw what you were doing. Go away! I will shoot you.’” Holder says. “He was like, ‘Oh, you want to pull a gun? You want to pull a gun on me?’”

Holder lets the officers know his gun is still in the front seat.

In the meantime, first responders and officers have descended on the scene to try to keep Doung alive.

As they apply a tourniquet to his wounds, Duong asks officers if he “hit” Holder.

Body camera also captured the moments nine days later, when Duong, still heavily bandaged, went to the police station to try to pick up his car.

As he tries to leave, an officer trots out after him.


“Alright, here’s the thing. You can’t actually leave,” an officer tells him. “Because you have a warrant for your arrest. A felon in possession of a firearm.”

Duong actually laughs and tells the officer he expected the arrest.

Investigators say they found a gun belonging to Duong near the scene of the shooting, though there was no evidence that he used it.

Duong tells the officer that he was arrested at 19 and knew he was not supposed to carry a gun, but felt he needed one for protection.

He admits to the officer that he flipped Holder off and says that’s when Holder flashed his gun at him. He says he got out of the car to confront Holder, but didn’t take his gun with him.

As he’s being cuffed, he tells the arresting officer about calling his daughter right after he was shot.

“I called my daughter,” Duong says. “I Facetimed her. I said, ‘Daddy’s dying! I love you!’”

Duong then gets emotional talking about the officers who saved his life.

“I had lost some much blood that when the ambulance came, they couldn’t find a pulse on both arms,” Duong says in the footage. “I had no pulse. I’m not even supposed to be standing right here.”

Seiden reached out to Duong but has not heard back because he is in jail. It’s unclear what the initial felony charges were or whether Duong has hired an attorney.

Seiden also reached out to Holder, but he declined to comment.

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