Local store employees continue pandemic “Flower Days” visits to Dunwoody Assisted Living Center

DUNWOODY, Ga. — Since the pandemic began seemingly forever ago, the residents of a Dunwoody Assisted Living Center have always gotten excited when Thursday’s rolled around.

That’s because Thursday’s are when the “Flower Ladies” come by and pay a visit. They’ve come every Thursday for the past 17-months and their appearance brings an instant smile to everyone’s face at Dogwood Forest.

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Channel 2′s Berndt Petersen spent this Thursday with Vernon Nicodemus--or Mr. Nick to his close friends.

Mr. Nick says he’s always live by a very simple rule.

“Take care of my wife,” Mr. Nick said. “We’ve been married a few years. Ha, ha!”

Mr. Nick and his wife Mary have been together for 64-years to be exact. He’s seems to be doing a really good job living by the rule.

Amy Brause and Nancy Miller both work at a nearby Trader Joe’s.

When the lockdown began in March of 2020, Petersen learned Brause, Miller and the store employees thought it would nice to do something for the residents of Dogwood Forest who were basically stuck inside.

“The first time we came, Nancy delivered,” Brause said. “We got it all ready. Nancy delivered. She couldn’t even go inside.”

Miller thought it might be a good reminder about how much a little something to brighten the day can mean.

“I mean, it just makes you happy. Who doesn’t like flowers?” Miller said. “In case my husband is listening.”


Tova Treadwell, who lives at Dogwood Forest, told Petersen she can’t believe over a year and a half after the flower deliveries started, they keep coming.

“That was over a year ago, and they started delivering flowers on that day. Every Thursday. Like clockwork,” Treadwell said.

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As for Mr. Nick, while he might live by rule No. 1, he may also have another rule that says, “Make sure his wife gets a rose.” Every Thursday. Just like clockwork.

“He just always remembers, and I think that’s pretty special,” Mary Nicodemus said.