DeKalb County

Mom: Driver lied about being carjacked before slamming into 9-year-old

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A man accused of slamming a car into a little girl playing outside her house will remain in jail. A judge denied Gabriel Fordham bond Monday.

"He don’t deserve bond and I am glad he didn’t get one," says Daryl Holmes.

His 9-year-old daughter La'Derihanna Holmes is not only recovering from a fractured skull and a broken pelvic bone, but now another complication.

"She has a leakage in one of the valves that lead to her heart," he told Channel 2's Lauren Pozen.

Fordham's attorney says he is a victim, too. They say he lost control and hit two girls in the front yard of Holmes' Lithonia home last month because a gunman carjacked him.


A security camera from their home recorded the crash, but we paused the video before impact.

"If it wasn't for those videos, this guy would have been gone he would have disappeared," says Charlotte Bolton, La'Derihanna's mother.

A detective testified Monday that Fordham didn't do anything to help and just left. The defense argued for the hit-and-run charge to be dropped.

They say someone came out with a gun and pointed it at Fordham. The judge didn't agree.

"The firearm was actually discharged. With all those factors, you should not stay on the scene. I don’t care who you are, you leave for your own safety and I think the judge missed the mark on that one," defense attorney Ryan Williams said.

The most dramatic moment came when the little girl's mother took the stand and spoke to Fordham.

"I told him that he was lying about being carjacked, that he was lying about my son threatening to kill him, that basically, he was a liar, " Bolton said.

While the judge denied bond because Fordham was on probation, his attorney says he could still get out.

"Once we talk to the judge that has him on probation, and she hears evidence sees video, he will be granted bond and we can go on and move in this case to get a resolution," defense attorney Gerald Grigg said.