Body found in pond believed to be car crash victim

Body found in DeKalb pond believed to be car crash victim

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Investigators are working to learn the identity of a man whose body was found in a DeKalb County pond Wednesday.

DeKalb police believe he's likely the victim of a car accident that happened several days ago.

Investigators told Channel 2’s Justin Wilfon there were two people in the car when it crashed last week. They found one victim right away, and now a week later, they believe they've found the second.

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"It is kind of nerve-wracking that it's close to my house, so that is disturbing," neighbor Tommy Carter told Wilfon.

On July 5, police say two people were in a car that crashed next to the pond on Ward Lake Road near Bouldercrest Road.


Police said they found one victim that day, but could not find the other.

“They were looking for him but they were not able to find him," DeKalb County police spokeswoman Shiera Campbell told Wilfon.

But then on Wednesday afternoon, police said someone walking by the pond noticed a man's body. Neighbors watched it all unfold.

"I saw the police, I saw the ambulance,” Carter said. "The street's blocked off and we saw a news channel truck down there."

Police told Wilfon that the poor condition of the body is making it hard to identify the victim.

An initial attempt to scan fingerprints yielded no results.

An unusual investigation that played out in neighbors' backyards.

"Very surprised, very surprised," Carter said.