'Half the house exploded into flames': Family loses everything in house fire

Fortunately, everyone made it out safely, including the five??children inside, but only with the clothes on their backs --??and now they have no home to return to.

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A DeKalb County family told Channel 2 Action News they lost everything over the weekend in a massive house fire on Elm Ridge Way in Stone Mountain.

Channel 2's Alyssa Hyman obtained cellphone video that shows the flames from early Sunday morning.

Fortunately, everyone made it out safely, including the five children inside, but only with the clothes on their backs -- and now they have no home.

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The family lost furniture, pictures and lifesaving medication.

Saidah Costine said she and her family were playing a game in her room when the fire ignited.

"My 15-year-old said he smelled popcorn and then there was a real loud boom, and half the house exploded into flames," Costine said.

DeKalb County Fire Rescue responded to the scene, finding heavy smoke and flames coming from the back of the house.

No one was seriously injured, but Costine said her 3-year-old son has a minor burn on his hand.

"He's got burns on his hand and his arm,"  Costine said.          


The child's father, local musician Jean D'eau, was also in the home.

"When I went to the garage and I seen the smoke, I opened up the door and it was, like, 'Boom,'" D'eau said.

The family is currently staying in a Lithonia hotel.

On top of worrying about finding a place to stay and clothes to wear, Costine is battling cancer and told Hyman her chemo medications were destroyed in the fire.

"I've had five surgeries in the last four months, trying to remove the cancerous tumors," Costine said.

But after all of that, the family says what they need most is prayer.

"Anything, but mostly prayers," Costine said.

D'eau said he has been reaching out to his fan base and they are already offering to help.

Family members believe it was an electrical issue that caused the fire but fire rescue said it's still under investigation.

The family set up a GoFundMe Account for anyone who wants to help.