Defense attorney in YSL RICO trial accuses witness of lying to jurors

ATLANTA — A defense attorney in the Young Slime Life RICO case accused a witness for the prosecution of lying to jurors.

Young Thug’s attorney, Brian Steel, made the claim while he was in the middle of his cross-examination of Adrian Bean, who was testifying on behalf of the prosecution about a 2013 shooting and police chase that landed him in prison.

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For weeks, prosecutors have been trying to use witnesses, including Bean, to place Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffery Williams, at the scene of the 2013 incident.

But police never arrested or charged Young Thug, with a crime.

On Monday, Steel asked Bean if he remembered meeting with him and a private investigator in January 2023 to discuss the details of that incident, which is one of the overt acts charged in the sweeping indictment.

Bean testified that he did not remember the meeting.

Steel told the court that Bean gave him permission to record their conversation and reminded him about what he had told him about Williams not being involved.

“That Jeffery Williams or Young Thug or Thug was not involved in any way?” Steel asked.

“I don’t remember that conversation, sir,” replied Bean.

“Do you remember, then, exposing that they, meaning the detectives, tried to force Jeffery Williams or Young Thug into it? Remember saying that?” asked Steel.

“That was something you said, right?” replied Bean. “I don’t remember that.”

“Do you remember explaining that the police wanted Thug in it and there was a lot of ‘hype on the street’?” asked Steel.

“No I don’t remember, sir,” Bean replied.


During the direct examination, Bean testified that he doesn’t remember anything about the incident because he was using a lot of drugs at the time.

However, prosecutors were able to obtain transcripts from his interviews with detectives following the incident that told a different story.

“Do you recall telling the detective that DK (Walter Murphy) and Thug are gang bangers and they call themselves some type of Blood?” prosecutors asked.

“Do you recall Detective Quinn asking you about a statement you said to your wife, ‘I wish I would’ve run with Thug because he got away?’” prosecutors questioned.

Bean is expected to continue his testimony on Mar. 13.

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