Coweta County

Police: Woman swerved into oncoming traffic at 100mph with kids in car

COWETA COUNTY, Ga. — A mother is facing charges for a Mother's Day police chase with her young children in the car.

Police arrested the mother after the pursuit they say went on for 30 minutes and hit more than 100 miles an hour.

Police said the 4-year-old girl was crying, holding her arms out to the officer. He said he picked her up and held her.

“You get kind of nervous. You're scared about everybody else that's on the roadway,” Lt. James McCue said.

Senoia police dash cam video shows there were several cars on Highway 16 in Coweta County when police said Taneka Taylor led officers on the high speed chase.

“She was crossing the center line, passing cars on Hillcrest, running cars off the roadway. I mean, it was a very dangerous situation,” McCue said.


The initial stop wasn't for speeding, according to police. They said an officer ran Taylor's plate and realized her license was suspended and has been suspended at least three other times.

When they tried to make a traffic stop she took off.

“You don't know why they're running. That's what makes it nervous. It shows a suspended license but you always think there's more to it than just a suspended drivers license,” McCue said.

Police said they didn't know she had two small children in the backseat when the chase began because her window tint was too dark.

When they finally arrested her near Briarcliff Road on Highway 16, they were even more shocked to find out that neither child was wearing a seat belt.

They said a baby was sleeping and a 4-year-old girl was wide awake and frightened.

“She was saying she wanted her mommy. I had to get my vehicle out of the roadway first and then I got her into my arms,” McCue said.

Police turned the children over to a family member and took the mom to jail. Taylor has since bonded out.

Police said it's likely she won't get her license back for awhile.