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’I do....’ via app: Couples turn to internet to get married during pandemic

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Weddings are on hold and courts are unable to perform ceremonies, but some anxious couples are finding a new way to complete their love story.

Channel 2′s Cobb County Bureau Chief Chris Jose learned that hundreds of people are turning to the web to legally get married.

In Georgia, courthouse wedding ceremonies are canceled until further notice. Monday, we learned that the statewide judicial emergency will be extended until June 12.

But thanks to an app, anxious couples can legally married without leaving their house.

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Geraldine Reyes and Neil Turnage both have a sense of humor that they say has kept them together for 14 years.

"We got bored and said, 'Why don't we just get married?'" Reyes said.

In April, they tied the knot at Reyes' home in Dalton. They had rings and even made sure there was cake on their wedding day.

The couple legally got married using an app called WedWeb that was developed by J.C. and Randy Banks.

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“We haven’t been sleeping at all, we’ve just been going and going and going and going,” J.C. Banks said.

The Banks said they have performed more than 500 virtual wedding ceremonies from around in the world in the last two months. They launched a website in 2015 after they took coding classes at Georgia Tech.

“It’s a big event. We do the toast. We do the rings. We do the vows,” J.C. Banks said.

The Banks said WedWeb is the Las Vegas and Uber of weddings.

Working with the state courts, WedWeb gets the marriage license for couples. Documents are signed electronically and ordained officiants are certified in all 50 states.

“We just want the world to know there’s so much going on, but love still exists,” J.C. Banks said. “Marriage is an unconstitutional right.”

For Reyes and Turnage, completing their love story never felt so right.

"It probably wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for this," Turnage said.

"Or sooner or later!" Reyes said.

The Banks said court-sealed marriage certificates are mailed directly to the couples. They’re averaging 20 to 30 ceremonies a day.

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