Cobb County

Man accused of killing 2 people, including mother

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — A man accused of killing two people, including his mother, appeared before a judge for the first time on Monday.

Justin Hess, 31, was taken into custody on Sunday after a standoff in east Cobb County.

Hess shared a townhouse with his mother in the Mulberry Farms community.

Justin Hess was taken into custody following a SWAT standoff in Cobb County.

Neighbors told Channel 2’s Ashley Swann that Hess was well-known for his odd behavior and that they always feared something like this could happen.

"We were all freaking out and I didn't sleep the whole night," neighbor Patrisiya Runyantseva told Swann.

Cobb County police say Hess shot his mother, Carol Ann Hess, 61, to death Saturday night inside their town home.

Investigators said Hess then left the neighborhood, turning up at a Sandy Springs storage facility two hours later where they say he shot a man to death and took his Audi S5.

Police searched throughout the night for Hess.


Then late Sunday morning, a neighbor at the town homes saw him pull up to his house in the stolen car and a Cobb SWAT team responded.

"They were extra careful because of what information had been provided to them through neighbors and people who knew this 31-year-old male," neighbor M.G. Williams told Swann.

Around 1 p.m., Hess surrendered.

"He jumped out his back door, threw his hands way up in the air and yelled, ‘I give up,’” Williams said. "We're all relieved because, one thing, if this lady hadn't called to let them know he was here, there's a possibility he could have killed other people later. So we're glad he's gone and probably won't ever come back."

Hess appeared in court Monday morning.

Channel 2’s Audrey Washington said Hess spoke with an accent and thanked the judge for his service.

“Do you have any questions,” the judge asked.

“No sir. You’ve been well clear. Appreciate your service,” Hess said.

The judge did not set a bond in the case.

Hess is due back in court in January.