14-year-old girl: I got sick at school and ended up suspended

Despite a negative drug test, administrators at the school suspended the girl for 10 days.

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — A 14-year old girl told Channel 2 Action News she got sick at school and ended up suspended.

Samai, a Campbell High School student, claims school administrators forced her to make a false confession before they suspended her for 10 days.

The teen said on Sept. 5 another student found her slouched over in the restroom and told a teacher.

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"Instead of giving her a candy bar or some chocolate kisses to pep her up for the day, they decided to make it a big deal and call administrators in and EMS," said attorney Doug Rohan."Ultimately, EMS came and one of them suggested, she was probably under the influence of drugs. They (school officials and campus police) questioned her intensively without her parents being present."

Samai is a freshman at Campbell. Her family asked Channel 2's Chris Jose not to use her last name due to privacy concerns.


"Why admit you took drugs when you did not?" Jose asked.

"Because I got pressured," said Samai.

Samai told Jose she caved into the relentless questioning.

"An adult would buckle under the same pressure," said Rohan.

According to a Cobb County School District incident report, "Samai was under the influence of an illegal substance. EMT and an ambulance were called because she was unconscious lying down on the girls' restroom floor."

Samai said she wasn't passed out, rather she simply felt ill.

Two hours later on Sept. 5, she got a drug test. A document obtained by Jose shows the results came back negative.

"The school's response is, she's admitted to drug possession through consumption, that's the end of the story," said Rohan.

In a statement, a Cobb County School District spokeswoman said:

"Investigations performed by local school staff are completed with two priorities in mind: determining what has actually happened and applying District policy to what has actually happened. Both priorities were completed appropriately in this case."