Co-worker speaks about about suspected serial killer

ATLANTA — Channel 2 Action News has broken every major development in the story of a suspected serial killer.

Friday, Channel 2 heard exclusively from a former restaurant co-worker who says Aeman Presely, the man now accused of killing four people, including two homeless people, got into a fight with another man at work and had a gun on him.

Channel 2's Ryan Young talked to Terrance Rhodes, who trained Presely as a dishwasher.

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Rhodes met Presely a few months ago. They worked at Carol Parks Catering.

"He came in and started washing dishes. I was there the first day he came in and I was told he was the new dishwasher and to show him around and to show him what to do," said Rhodes.

Rhodes talked about his relationship with the man detectives had been trying to track down for weeks.

"It's amazing. You meet all kinds of people in walks in life and you never know who they really are. I guess you can tell he is off, but I never thought, didn't think anything of that magnitude," said Rhodes.

But it's one argument that stands out with many who worked with Presley.

"Him and Derrick, another fella that I had got onto the job there, they got into it. They would argue every day because Derrick was upset that Aeman wasn't performing like he was supposed to," Rhodes said.

The yelling turned to punches and then a threat.

"Aeman Presley was very upset. He said Derrick is lucky he didn't (shoot) him because he had a gun," Rhodes said.

Presley is now facing murder charges in the deaths of four people.

Police say Calvin Gholston was the first of the four victims he killed. He was killed at a shopping center in DeKalb County in September.

Police said Presley is accused of murdering two homeless men in Atlanta. Police identified them as Tommy Mims and Dorian Jenkins.

Earlier this month, Presley killed Karen Pearce on East Ponce de Leon Avenue in Decatur, police said.

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