Clayton County

Man driving down I-75 says bullet from road rage shooting missed his head by inches

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — A father says flashing his high beams almost got him and his 11-year-old daughter killed in a road rage incident.

Antjuan Grimes can’t believe they almost lost their lives over something so small. He says he was really close to losing his life.

“Probably about that much,” he said, holding his fingers inches apart.

Grimes says if a bullet that hit his headrest landed just a few inches over, it would be over for him and possibly for his daughter as well.

“Me and my daughter could be gone right now,” he explained. Grimes says he picked his daughter up from a hair salon Thursday night and was on the way home on Interstate-75 South near Mount Zion Boulevard.

He says a slow moving car, possibly a maroon Chevy Impala, was in front of him. He wanted to let the slower car know he was behind.

“Flashed my high beams on,” he said. Grimes says he flashed his high beams a second time and the car moved to the right lane.

He noticed movement in the car as he drove by.

“I just glanced over and I just saw the gun coming out,” Grimes said.


He sped up, and all of a sudden, “He shot,” Grimes pointed out, talking about the driver he had just seen pulling out a gun.

The bullet went through his back window, then hit his headrest. It hit his front windshield and then landed on his dashboard. “And that is the bullet,” he said, showing the bullet fragment.

Amazingly, Grimes wasn’t concerned about his life in the midst of the gunfire.

“I was just trying to make sure that my daughter was fine because I could feel that I was okay,” he said.

He punched the gas and got away from the danger. Grimes says he looked in his rearview mirror and noticed the shooter got off on Mount Zion Boulevard. He says it was all so senseless.

He and his daughter could have died over him flashing high beams.

“It’s just ridiculous. We just have no regard for life,” Grimes said.

Clayton County police are investigating. Grimes says his daughter is a very strong child and doesn’t appear fazed by the danger they faced.