Clayton County

Did Victor Hill violate judge’s orders? People who were at his sentencing say yes

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — A local sheriff said the now-convicted sheriff who preceded him has called him from prison trying to tell him how to do his job.

Channel 2 Action News was in court last year when a federal Judge ordered Victor Hill not to have any involvement in law enforcement.

Some Clayton County residents who were in court think Hill may have violated Judge Eleanor Ross’ order.

“You cannot be in law enforcement or even be a consultant in no capacity,” Timothy Vondell Jefferson said he recalled Ross saying from the bench.

Cleveland Jackson was in court that day as well.

“She said he can’t do anything in reference to law enforcement,” Jackson said.

Channel 2′s Tom Jones obtained a transcript of the sentencing hearing.

This is what Judge Ross said to Hill: “I need you to understand this clearly. You must refrain from the occupation, business or profession of law enforcement. Including as a consultant.”

The former sheriff was convicted for violating the civil rights of jail detainees by putting them in restraint chairs. He was sentenced to 18 months and was recently released early to community confinement.

Hill then made comments critical of how current Sheriff Levon Allen ran the jail.

Allen responded saying Hill had called him from prison attempting to influence him to make certain decisions, and Hill is upset because he refused to be a political puppet under his control.

Jefferson thinks that’s a clear violation of the judge’s order.


“Because he was trying to use his influence and become a consultant to advise a current sitting sheriff,” Jefferson said.

Jackson also says it appears hill violated the judge’s order.

“I really pray that somehow, some way Judge Ross gets this information,” Jackson said.

He said Allen knew the judge told Hill not to be involved in law enforcement.

“Seems like Allen would have reported that though,” Jackson said.

Jefferson said Hill continues to be a controversial figure in the county.

“Hadn’t even been out a hot five minutes and disrupted the community,” Jefferson said.

Jones reached out to Allen, Hill and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for comment on this story but did not hear back.

Ross also told Hill if she heard anything about him being involved in law enforcement, she would bring him back into court for hearing.