Clayton County Sheriff claims Victor Hill called him from prison attempting to influence him

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — On Monday, Clayton County Sheriff Levon Allen released a statement regarding former Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill.

Hill made his first public statements since he was put in community confinement.

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Allen released a statement on Monday evening claiming his disappointment towards Hill’s decisions. In the statement, Allen said Hill’s love for POWER overcame his duty to serve the citizens.

Allen claimed Hill launched a political attack against him “questioning his integrity and intentions.”

The full statement from Allen reads and followed:

“Dear Clayton County Citizens,

I write this letter to the community disappointed by recent events that have unfolded on social media today. It is disheartening to see a once-respected figure, former Sheriff Victor Hill, launch a political attack against me, questioning my integrity and intentions. While we welcome former Sheriff Victor Hill back from prison, it will not go unnoticed that as much as the former Sheriff Victor Hill loves Clayton County, his love for POWER overcame his duty to serve the citizens honorably. POWER and VENGEANCE has become his life mission and I will not succumb to his tirades. The truth of the matter is that former Sheriff Victor Hill called me from prison attempting to influence me to make certain decisions, which I refused. He is now upset because I refuse to be a political puppet under his control. Let me be clear. My decision to take a different path stems from a fundamental disagreement in our approach to leadership and community engagement. Former Sheriff Hill’s desire for me to isolate myself from collaborating with community leaders and hinder progress in our county is rooted in his own strained relationships with those individuals. I firmly believe in the power of unity, dialogue, and working together to move our community forward. I refuse to be held back by outdated practices and personal vendettas. It pains me deeply that former Sheriff Victor Hill has chosen to publicly discredit me in an attempt to assert his influence and control. I once looked up to him as a mentor, learning valuable lessons under his guidance. However, I will not compromise my values and principles for the sake of appeasing his untethered ego, arrogance, or agenda.I harbor no ill will towards former Sheriff Victor Hill for these decisive tactics.  Across this nation, many corporations and organizations are creatively addressing staffing shortages. Much like the cost of living, the cost of operating an agency has increased.  As with many detention facilities, inmate populations have increased. Clayton County is no different. Its inmate population has increased well beyond its established capacity.  Many of my operational attributes were forged in the moments of mentorship between former Sheriff Hill and I. However, I choose to be guided by my conscience and commitment to serving in the best interests of our community. As we navigate through these challenges, let us remember that unity, respect, and progress are the pillars on which we must build a better future for our country. I remain steadfast in my dedication to leading with integrity, transparency, and a vision for positive change. Thank you for your continued support and understanding during this time. Suffice to say, we wish former Sheriff Victor Hill well as he makes his transition. As a community, let’s move forward and rise above division and strife. Let’s embrace a new direction that holds a bright future for our beloved Clayton County.#ForwardAndUpward.”


Hill was moved from a federal prison in Arkansas last month. A federal jury convicted Hill in October of violating the civil rights of six detainees at the Clayton County Jail. The government said Hill disregarded the detainees’ constitutional rights by putting them in restraint chairs for hours as punishment.

The “retired” sheriff took to Facebook to share his displeasure at the current state of the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office – and lays it at the feet of the current sheriff, Levon Allen.

A jury found former Hill guilty on six counts of civil rights violations in Oct. 2022.

Hill was the sheriff in Clayton County for nearly 15 years before he was indicted and suspended in 2021.

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