Cherokee County

Teens who stepped up to the plate at local Waffle House are honored

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ga — Andrew Mack may not be a professional, but he can pinch-hit.

“God. It was just a mess,” Mack said.

Very late on the night of Oct. 23—a Saturday—the Braves had just clinched the pennant. So Mack and three of his buddies stopped by their favorite Waffle House along Hickory Flat Highway in Canton for a bite to eat. But so did everybody else.

“The place was packed, and I noticed there were only two workers there, and everything was piled up,” Mack said.


Three of the restaurant’s five workers during that shift weren’t there.

So Mack, Jared Russo, Ryan Throne, and Gabe DiTirro stepped up to the plate. They cleaned tables, swept floors and washed dishes.

“I was a little upset that he was out in the middle of the night. But when I found out what he was doing, I was very proud,” DiTirro’s mom, Kristi Crisler, said.

The Cherokee County Commission is proud too.

“What these young men did is an awesome thing,” Commissioner Richard Weatherby said. The board issued a special proclamation for the team players who came out of the bullpen and saved the game during a Tuesday meeting.

“It’s just the way my mother raised me. We’re from the South. That’s how it works,” Mack said.