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Couple says contractor went silent after finding illegal dumping ground at new home

HOLLY SPRINGS, Ga. — Sand, concrete, and even a five-foot tree have been buried under James Jones and Brian Wolfe’s yard.

“We have branches and huge chunks of tree, debris just littering the property,” Jones said.

The couple told Channel 2 investigative reporter Ashli Lincoln that they discovered their builder dumped construction debris under their yard. The discovery happened after hiring contractors to build a pool.

“We were shocked, we were angry,” Jones said.

Jones told Lincoln it will cost them an additional $40,000 to $60,000 to remove the debris.

After bringing this to the attention of their builder, a project manager responded to the couple in an email blaming the use of a large stockpile of topsoil.

The manager noted that dirt should have not been used to fill their backyard.

“We were outraged,” Jones said.


Jones said when they asked the builder to remove the debris that’s when communication went silent.

“Then when we told him where we were with the damages, how much was it going to cost to fix it, we didn’t get any response from them,” Jones said.

Channel 2 Action News called and emailed the builder, they have not responded to us but they did reach out to the homeowners.

“I’m fairly certain we would have not heard from them. There was no other reason for them to contact us until someone from WSB-TV reached out to them to try and get their side of the story,” Jones said.

Jones said city inspectors with the City of Holly Springs inspected their backyard and determined it was a case of illegal dumping.

Channel 2 consumer advisor Clark Howard said when purchasing a new build, it’s best to hire an independent inspector.

“I’d like for you to have three inspections, one at framing, and then two additional phases that the inspector will recommend. And you don’t close. If an inspector says this isn’t right,” Howard said.


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