Braves fans come to the aid of another fan during a medical emergency

ATLANTA — Braves fan Valerie Borchert was excited to attend Saturday’s Game 6 against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Valerie was poised to witness Braves history with her uncle Alan, but the experience was cut short in the third inning.

“She broke out into a seizure,” said Mike Borchert, Valerie’s dad.

Borchert said she was surrounded by angels. Fans got medical help and comforted her during this medical emergency. The Braves were playing baseball, but that wasn’t the focus of their “angels.”

“I would put them in the category of one of the nicest fan bases out there,” said Borchert.

Emory University professor Mike Lewis specializes in sports marketing and “fanalytics”, or analysis of fandom, that backs up this claim.

“These are folks that are invested in the community. They love their team, but all these things, that word ‘community’ comes through. They care about each other,” said Lewis.


The seizure helped reveal a brain tumor. Valerie and her family feel blessed and believe she was sitting right where she was meant to be, among angels.

“I don’t know who they are, I don’t know how to reach out, but thank you for taking care of our daughter,” said Mike Borchert.

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