Bartow County

Students sent to hospital after being exposed to drug-laced candy, district says

BARTOW COUNTY, Ga. — Just hours before kids across the metro headed out for trick-or-treating, two local children were sent to the hospital after their school said they may have eaten drug-laced candy.

The principal at South Central Middle School in Bartow County sent an alert to parents Wednesday warning them about what happened.

"Officers suspect an eighth-grade child sold a small amount of candy suspected to be laced with a controlled substance," Principal Tia Windsor said in the recording.

"It's worrying because my girl is only 12 years old," parent Eduardo Rivera said.

Rivera played Channel 2's Justin Wilfon the recorded message the principal left for him and other parents.


"Actually, it was really tough when I heard the message that the principal sent to our home," Rivera said.

He said he’s relieved he kept his daughter out of school Wednesday for a church camp.

"My daughter likes candy, and you never know," he said.

Wilfon reached out to the Bartow County School District.

In an email, a spokesperson said she could not release more details beyond the principal's message.

The principal said the student who allegedly brought the candy to school could be charged.

"We are committed to keeping you updated on this situation," Windsor said in the voice recording.

Wilfon spoke with the father of one of the students who was taken to the hospital. He said his daughter's toxicology report came back negative.

She's now out of the hospital and doing fine. There's no word on the other student as of Wednesday night.