Augusta company raises over $220K in T-shirt sales to help local restaurants, bars

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Many businesses have been hit hard because of the coronavirus pandemic. So, a company in Augusta wanted to find a way to help locals forced to close their doors.

The branding and merchandise company Showpony in Augusta launched the “We Give a Shirt” campaign back in April. The founders told Channel 2′s Heather Catlin they were hoping to raise a few hundred dollars for local bars and restaurants.

But they surpassed that -- raising over $220,000.

Daniel Stewart says what started as a simple way to put money back in the pockets of the businesses has turned into a full-fledged fundraising platform.

“Instantly grew into this thing we never sort of expected,” Stewart said. “It’s been more successful than we could have ever hoped for for sure.”

The T-shirts are designed by sister company Wier/Stewart and each sells for $20. For every T-shirt sold, $10 goes toward a company or nonprofit.

“Some need the money for their own operations, and some companies are passing the proceeds forward to other non-profits,” Stewart said.

The money is extremely helpful. But Stewart said these T-shirts have also proved a huge morale boost.

The business owners see how much support they have and they’re surprised at how many people want to buy their shirt and so three, four, five, 600 people throw down 20 bucks for you, that makes you feel good,”