You have your COVID-19 vaccination card, so what happens to that information?

ATLANTA — Everyone that has gotten the COVID-19 vaccine has received a card showing proof of their vaccinations. So what happens to that information?

Channel 2′s Justin Farmer spoke with Dr. Jayne Morgan, executive director of Piedmont Health’s task force, who answered that question.

“We have a system called GRITS here in Georgia: The Georgia Registration of Immunization and Transaction Services,” Morgan said. “Every single person who receives an immunization here in the state of Georgia is logged into this database.”

From there, Morgan said doctors across the state will be able to tell whether or not you have been vaccinated.


“Any entity like a hospital or doctor’s office can access GRITS, can get your information and then transposes that information onto a new card. They do not take the person’s word for it. It has to be verified in GRITS, and then that exact information is transposed onto a new card.”

“So, if you had one dose and you never got a second, would that information be stored in the database that you did have one but not the second?” Farmer asked Morgan.

“That information is stored,” Morgan said.

Morgan said she highly recommends against someone making a counterfeit vaccination card.

She told Farmer she believes it’s just a matter of time before more states start going after people who make a fake card.


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