Family carjacked outside OK Cafe in Buckhead

ATLANTA — A mother explains to Channel 2 Action News what was running through her mind when a man tried to carjack her outside OK Cafe in Buckhead Atlanta.

The frightened mother asked to have her identity concealed because she's terrified of what happened to her and her family.

The mother says her family had dinner at OK Cafe Monday evening. She had just put her 1-year-old son in his car seat when she noticed two men walking toward her.

"I looked up and saw them drawing their guns and I kind of froze for a few seconds, ya know,  and saw that the passenger was coming at us with his gun pointed yelling 'Gimme the keys. I'll shoot you. I'll kill you.'" the mother said.

Her boyfriend threw the keys to his black Mercedes at the suspects and took off in the other direction.

"I just grabbed my son out of the seat. Thankfully I didn't have him strapped in yet and just ran in the direction of all the other businesses where there was a yogurt shop. People were sitting and eating with their families," the victim said.

Those witnesses called 911.

Police tracked the stolen vehicle and said they witnessed Carlos Twine walking away from it.

The victim says she is relieved by the arrest, but traumatized by the carjacking.

The victim believes the real problem is carjacking suspects get a slap on the wrist, and don't get enough punishment to deter them from doing it to someone else when they are released from jail.