Witness describes hearing 25-30 shots inside Peachtree Center cafeteria during ‘shootout’

ATLANTA — Channel 2 Action News is hearing from people who were inside the Peachtree Center when gunshots started going off Tuesday.

Kemba Walker told Channel 2′s Michael Doudna that he was inside the food court when he heard what he initially thought was someone dropping something and then realized it was actually gunfire.

Walker told Doudna that he heard a total of about 25 to 30 gunshots over the course of about 5 minutes in what he described as a shootout.


“I heard another shot and another shot and another shot and I see people scattering,” Walker said.

Walker said his girlfriend was inside the bathroom and as soon as she got out, they ended up hiding in the kitchen of a restaurant to get to safety.

Police have confirmed that a total of four people have been shot in the incident, including the suspect.

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