‘What else do you want from me?’ Keith Lee responds after backlash during Atlanta restaurant tour

ATLANTA — Keith Lee, a former Mixed Martial Artist turned viral TikTok food critic, visited Atlanta last week and documented his experiences as he does on every stop he and his family tours.

However, his time in the Peachtree City unraveled a lot of social media conversations centered on city’s restaurant scene and the many issues the scene poses.


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Lee summarized his week as “insane,” highlighting the good and bad of his stay. Within his latest video, he discussed his process of reviewing restaurants and the downfall that comes with being honest about the food and service he receives.

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“Every restaurant me and my family go to, we’re either invited by the restaurant themselves or was told about the restaurant 100-plus times,” he said. “I never go to a random restaurant.”

He continued addressing the narratives he says are being pushed surrounding the places he visits. Most importantly, the safety of business owners and his family is what he took issue with the most.

“It was so much positive that happened in Atlanta that was shunned by the negative. I’m going to be 100% transparent and 100% candid, me and my family will postpone touring if other cities are going to be like this,” Lee said.


One of the restaurants Lee visited, The Real Milk & Honey, has a similar name to another whose name is Milk and Honey ATL.


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Because of his experience at The Real Milk & Honey, Lee’s fans confused the two and left comments in Milk and Honey ATL’s comments, some of those comments allegedly being death threats.

Lee consistently tells people to review the restaurants for themselves and to not leave negative comments or attempt to have someone fired for his experience anywhere he eats.

“Nobody’s safety should be on the line, not mine, not my family, not the restaurants we go to,” he said. “Relax bro. Relax.”

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